The Petersham Horticultural Society

The Petersham Horticultural Society was founded at the turn of the 20th Century. This most traditional community organisation, upholds the local area’s ongoing enthusiasm for growing, planting and crafting. The Petersham Horticultural Society is a not-for-profit organisation run by local volunteers committed to continue its mission to encourage and enthuse families to enjoy gardens and green spaces.

Early History of the Petersham Horticultural Society

The PHS dates back to at least 1895, but the earliest item in the records is the 10th Summer Show in July 1905, when there were classes for Cottagers and Allotment Holders, Amateur Subscribers and children under 15. The early schedules and minutes of meetings are a record of social history and make fascinating reading and include advertisements for the shops which once lined Petersham Road.

Summer Show

Each year in July the society holds its popular Flower Show and Fete in Petersham There are hundreds of entries across many classes including flowers, fruit and vegetable, cookery, arts and crafts and of course the junior classes.


Please Join Us – New Members Welcome

Although It is the Petersham Horticultural Society we welcome new members from further afield. Our membership is a cross section of the community, from those growing on window sills to those with award winning allotments, not to mention those who enjoy crafting, baking and making art at home. 

Our members are invited to join various trips and events throughout the year including to guided tours of gardens such as Ham House Garden and The Chelsea Physic Garden.  We have organised talks on wide range of topics and have been known to go to the odd gin factory(!). We also do a lovely family seed planting event annually, and are constantly looking for ways to encourage children to gown their love for the green environment.   

Last but no least our most popular event is our community Summer Flower Show which welcomes everyone to try to win a prize by entering in one or more of our 107 categories.


We are delighted to be supported by our local nurseries:  Petersham Horticultural Society Members receive 10% off at garden items and plants at both Petersham Nursery and The Palm Centre, Ham.

The annual subscription is £5.00 per person or £7.50 per household, though members are encouraged to give more. The Society is not a charitable organisation, but is a not for profit and local causes are supported.

If you would like to become a member please email your name, address & contact details to Florence Mitchell (Membership Secretary) at

You may send a cheque (payable to Petersham Horticultural Society) or register online at

Please return the form from our subscription renewal page(with a SAE) to

Mrs F Mitchell, c/o 226 Petersham Road, Richmond TW10 7AL

Contact Information

General Enquiries:

Florence Mitchell (Membership Secretary)

Society Constitution

Details of the society’s constitution can be found here: 100316 PHS Constitution Final Issue 1 dated 16 Mar 10.pdf

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