“Have A Go” Show on 3rd July 2021

Petersham Horticultural Society Annual Flower Show – 3rd July 

This year again Covid has stopped us having are traditional flower show in the Village Hall on Bute Avenue.  However, the committee is determined to spread some horticultural joy this year by running an exhibition along  Petersham Road in the the ‘slip road’ (between the click studio and the dentist) with tables on the ends of the residents’ drives.  We hope that you will come and join the fun.

This is a fun, spur of the moment, have a go show with no formal entry system – just turn up and (if you like) put your name on your entry.  If you wish to join the PHS there will be a stall for you to do this on the day, but there is no formal payment for entry.  

The judging may not be to RHS standard this year, the competition, although keen, will still be fun.  As the show is along a main road the PHS can not guarantee the safety of your entry, therefore please do not enter anything precious to you.

Obviously we are in a time of COVID therefore we ask everyone to follow government guidelines and maintain social distance.  As the display is on all day if it is busy please come back later.

Entries in between 9am and 11am, judging between 11am and 12pm, display for all to see until 4.30pm.  Please collect entries by 5.30pm.


  1. One rose of any colour with own foliage
  2. Five roses, one or more varieties
  3. One vase of mixed sweet peas, 10  stems
  4. A spray of a shrub (other than roses) bearing fruit, flowers and/or foliage
  5. One single flower in a vase with own foliage
  6. One vase of mixed garden flowers


7. Dish of gooseberries, of one variety, 10 fruits, with stalks 
8. One dish of fruit, any one kind not specified in this section


9. Dish of five potatoes, of any shape or colour
10. Six pods of peas, beans or mange tout. Display with stalks
11. Three beetroots, globe variety
12. Three courgettes of any length or diameter
13. Three sticks of rhubarb
14. A collection of herbs, three kinds in one container 
15. One dish of vegetables of a distinct kind not specified in this section 


Please note the flower arranging classes are not judged by NAFAS Rules.  Flowers may be purchased rather than grown. 

16. A bridesmaids basket 
17. A floral table arrangement to include a candle


All exhibits must have been completed or photographed since the 2019 Show.

18. A handcrafted item made since during the lockdown for COVID19
19. a) A photo of a flower you wish you could have entered to the show
b) 2020 garden view



20. A miniature garden for a fairy
(a) 6 years and under
(b) 7-10 years
21. An arrangement of flowers & foliage in a mug
(a) 6 years and under 
(b) 7-10 years
(c) 11-16 years
22. The ugliest vegetable you have grown
23. A vegetable grown by you
24. 3 types of scented flowers or foliage in a recycled container (no more than 15 cm in diameter)
(a) 6 years and under
(b) 7-10 years
(c) 11-16 years
25. A collection of herbs in a mug
26. A superhero made from fruit, vegetables or flowers, or a combination of all three


27. A decorated hard-boiled or blown egg
28. A woodland picture (involving sticks, petals, seeds and / or grasses etc)
29. A piece of woodwork or a model (not Lego) 
(a) 6 years and under 
(b)  7-12 years
30. An example of needlework, knitting or other textile craft
31. Your favourite photograph, taken by yourself

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