Feedback from our 2012 Dig Together day

As part of the RHS Dig Together Day the Petersham Horticultural Society had a successful morning at the allotments – the sun shone so much the chocolate brownies started to melt!

We started at Meadow Tree Allotments at Ham and Geoff Hyde managed an instructive tour of the allotment giving our members his insight into the art of growing vegetables. Also coffee and cake. Then we crossed the road to the HUG Community Greycourt Allotment which was totally different Рsmall and beautifully formed with the added interest of chickens in excellent hen houses. Those joining were able to purchase fresh produce of jams and eggs. Yes, more coffee and cake. Thanks go as always to our Committee who provided delicious cakes, scones and muffins.

Feedback from our members is always gratefully received and we would like to thank those who came to support the event…

“…it was just one of those convivial and informative events that the PHS is known for. Lovely!”;

“your (initiative) was indeed one of the most enterprising”

“both were very enjoyable and informative. I am going to take my Great Nieces to see the chickens next year, they will love feeding them!”

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